MTB routes signaling

All circuits are marked with plates, especially at points of intersection and direction changes.

Color signal

Graduation by progressive dificulty of walk.








Very difficult

Field signals

In the exit points of the routes you will find a notice board. The information offered by these board at the starting points is complemented by the use of name plates that help you locate the various services and follow routes.

To followr the routes a series of plates are arranged, from the point of departure to the point of arrival, with an average frequency of a mile, especially at points of intersection and sudden direction changes.

Labels and service tracking of the routes are found in specific places, as in wooden poles, or natural and urban stands, according to the locations and regulations in each area.

To complement the information board at the exit point, and the name plates along the route, you can also can find specific signs of tourism resources in the path of these routes or close to them.


Directional plates

Indicating the direction to follow and the number of the circuit, with the color corresponding to its difficulty. These plates are in uprights or natural landscape elements.


False address plates

Mainly found in crosses that may be confusing as to which way to follow.


Danger plates

One must must remain vigilant when seeing this sign. They are found before crossing a stream or a busy road.


Plates of dual circulation

Indicating that there is a stretch of road where we can find oncoming users.