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12 Route MTB


Vielha | Pista Salient | Bords | Mont | Vilac | Vielha

Technical data

Diffficulty: Very Difficult

Distance: 38 km

Time: 6h

Elevation: +1200

Summer and Autumn

Asphalt: 14%, Earth 71%, Path 16%


This is one of the most complete signposted routes at the Valle de Arán Mountain Bike Centre.

The climb to the Bordes de Salient is up the longest trail in Arán, with stunning views over Maladeta. Up to km 4.8 it coincides with Route 11, where you continue along the Salient trail until the end, a total of almost 20 km and a height difference of 1000 m. The descent from the Coret del Mont lodge, where the trail ends, back to the dirt track, is quite technical and calls for a great deal of orientation.

Despite the signposting, you should take an updated GPS as there is a fair stretch across mountain pastures, which in conditions of reduced visibility could hinder orientation. Once you come across the dirt track, continue downhill to the village of Mont. From here the track to Vielha coincides with Route 11, up to the N-230 road and back along the south-facing side to the village of Gausac and Vielha. The descent is very technical and will involve dismounting on certain stretches.

In the upper part of the Salient valley, the track levels out, and on days with good visibility the view over the central part of Arán and the Maladetas will remain engraved in your memory for a long time.