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14 Route MTB


Vielha | Casau | Pomèrola | Sarrahèra | Vielha

Datos técnicos

Diffficulty: Very Difficult

Distance: 24 km

Time: 5h 30′

Elevation: +930

Summer and Autumn

Asphalt: 10%, Earth 72%, Path 17%


Long-distance loop leaving Vielha and offering spectacular views of both the upper part of Arán and the Port de Vielha. The trail between Gausac and Casau will be the first test to give you an idea of the difficulty of the route.

Leaving Vielha in the direction of Gausac, there are two steep slopes (only possible on foot) to access the upper part of the town and in particular the road to Casau. After leaving Casau, take a right onto the Santet track, which climbs up through a forest of pine and fir trees. At km 9.5, just at the end of the forest, take the track on the left that will lead you to the area around the Pomarola lodge, where a steep technical descent starts towards the banks of the Nere. To avoid the N-230 road, head back round to the top of the Nere river bank and return along the right-hand side. The Portet track will take you to the Sarrahèra path, at km 18.5, where a fast but non-technical descent will take you back to Vielha along the banks of the River Nere.

Careful at the top part of the Pomarola track, as you’ll have to watch out for the signposts to avoid getting lost. Nevertheless, it is recommended to have your GPS with you.