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19 Route MTB


Salardú | Tredòs | Pònt de Ruda | Tanau | Orri | Bagergue | Unha | Salardú

Technical data

Diffficulty: Difficult

Distance: 18.2 km

Time: 3h

Elevation: +700

Summer and Autumn

Asphalt: 22%, Earth 52%, Path 26%


This is a physically tough route, since there is a 600 m height difference in just a few kilometres along narrow lanes, a track with steep inclines, and a stretch you might have to do by foot.

Leave Salardú and take the track that goes up to Aiguamòg; the paved track finishes at km 1.4 where there is a short descent to the lane from Tredòs, leading to terrain that is more uneven and sloping. Go past the crossing on your left, which would take you to the village of Baqueira 1500, and continue to km 4.7, where you’ll take the track that crosses the river and leads to the port road. Cross it and follow the steep ravine to Tanau. You’ll then link up to the track that rises to level 1800, continuing a few hundred metres down the Beret road. You’ll find the toughest inclines of the trail in this section.

You’ll get to Orri along a flat plane, and you’ll get to the source of the Garonne by the road, where the lane leading you to Bagergue and Unha down an impressive descent begins. Finally, you’ll reach Salardú via the local road.

A visit to the natural surroundings of Orri and Beret from a non-winter perspective is highly recommended. The views over Garonne valley with the Maladeta mountain as a backdrop are breathtaking.