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23 Route MTB


Vielha | Pista de Tuca | Camin Sarrahèra | Pista Nere | Vielha

Technical data

Diffficulty: Difficult

Distance: 13 km

Time: 2h 30′

Elevation: +560

Summer and Autumn

Asphalt: 19%, Earth 66%, Path 15%


This route combines a gentle but prolonged ascent through the Tuca forest with a very interesting descent down the old Sarrahèra road, where you will have to use all your skills to avoid setting foot on the ground.

Leave Vielha and go to the village of Betren, then continue along the road until you reach the junction with the Tuca track, which you’ll take on the right. The ascent up this track is continuous, and you’ll pass the Costassa recreation area at km 2.5. Follow the main track until km 13, where you’ll take the track on the right that leads to the north of Vielha tunnel. The track peaks at 1525 m after which the descent begins. Take the trail on the left at km 8.3, where the most technical section of the trail begins. Be careful not to miss this junction, since the change in direction is very abrupt. You’ll then arrive at the track on the banks of the Nere, which will take you to the highest point of Vielha with its historic streets. Here you’ll find the dera Lan museum and factory, which may be visited, as well as a wide range of restaurants and shops throughout the town.