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24 Route MTB


Portilhon | Bosc d’Aubàs | Portilhon

Technical data

Diffficulty: Moderate

Distance: 6.8 km

Time: 45′

Elevation: +225

Summer and Autumn

Asphalt: 0%, Earth 100%, Path 0%


This is a linear trail that leaves from Cap del Portilhon. Go down the road about 300 meters, then take the track on the right with a slight incline.

The route is always done under the shade of the Aubàs spruce forest. The cool air, landscape and easy riding will ensure that you’ll enjoy a pleasant trip. About 500 meters from the junction, you’ll find the des Bruishes plain, a wetland area with glades that is well worth strolling through.

Before km 3.5, take the track on the left and in one hundred meters it will bring you to the Aubàs plain, with great views. The return will be an uphill route. Taking advantage of your stay in Portilhon to visit Aran Parc is a good choice.