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26 Route MTB


Vielha | Betren | Vielha

Technical data

Diffficulty: Easy

Distance: 2.8 km

Time: 20′

Elevation: +50

All year

Asphalt: 28%, Earth 55%, Path 18%


This is an easy trail that runs between Vielha and Betren beside the river Garonne and gives you the opportunity to observe this riverside environment with its characteristic fauna and flora.

Leave Palai de Geu, head towards Betren, then take the riverside promenade bordering the Garonne. Pass under the bridge and go on top, then cross it. The building you’ll see next to the river is the old Metren grindstone, which is currently undergoing restoration and adaptation as a museum piece. After the bridge, half-way up the steep incline, take the path on the left which will bring you back to Vielha along a trail. The trail finishes by going along the sunny side of the quite streets and returning to the starting point beside the river Garonne. Keep in mind that you must respect the property in areas with private meadows and close any cattle gates you find.

The touristic and gastronomic offering in Vielha is very broad so it is advisable to approach the tourist office, where you will get the right advice. Once in Betren, you can finish your ascent of the village and visit the church of Sant Estèue.