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29 Route MTB


Plan de Beret | Orri | Plan de Beret

Technical data

Diffficulty: Moderate

Distance: 8.8 km

Time: 1h 30′

Elevation: +200


Asphalt: 11%, Earth 89%, Path 0%


The trail is signposted only in the summer, which runs entirely through the Beret plain. It is exclusively signposted in the summer months by COPOS, which also offers a guide service.

Leaving the Beret cafeteria, cross the entire plain until reaching Orri, enjoying the views of the cattle and an old stretch of train track. In Orri, cross the road and keep going until you reach the source of the Garonne, with the water reservoir on the right. Go back onto the road until you get to the Orri car park and cross the Beret plain again, going back along the initial route.

Despite the fact that it is suitable for all levels and families with children, the short journey is transformed into a adventure by virtue of the uneven terrain of the Beret plains, with numerous culverts, turns, sidesteping of wetlands, and the crossing of small streams.

From Orri, you have to choice of ascending to the Maria Casteràs area of antennas, where the views over the Beret plain, Baqueira station and Garonne valley are unbeatable.