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3 Route MTB


Les | Portet | Bordius | Porcingles | Canejan | Les

Technical data

Diffficulty: Very difficult

Distance: 24 km

Time: 4h

Elevation: +850

Spring, Summer and Winter

Asphalt: 60%, Eath 17%, Path 23%


Very challenging both technically and physically.

Like Route 2, with which it coincides at the start and end, it heads into the Toran valley, and in this case crosses the abandoned hamlet of Bordius, joining up with Route 2 again at Porcingles.

The starting point of the route is at the Camin Reiau, found on leaving the village of Les towards Bossòst, just next to the football pitch. Follow the same indications for Route 2 up to km 9.2, then leave the main forest road behind and take the track on the left that begins to descend into the uninhabited hamlet of Bordius. Once there, you’ll start the fabulous ride down the Bordius track to Canejan, a sharp descent that should only be done when dry to avoid slipping on the cobblestones at the bottom if they are wet. Once on the road to Canejan, head back through the valley of Toran to km 14.8, and then go up the steep paved slope until the hamlet of Porcingles. At this point, you’ll join up with Route 2 again and then continue until the end.

Two major descents, the Bordius and Canejan ones, make this route ideal for experienced cyclists and lovers of steep downhills.

Take care after Pontaut, because you’ll be on the N-230 main road for just over a kilometre and there is usually quite a bit of traffic. At the Bausen junction, turn left onto the Carretera de la Lana, which is then a flat ride back to Les. Cycle through the village and you’ll be back at the starting point of the route.

Besides the village of Les, you can enjoy good food in different places along the trail: Refugio de la Honeria, Sant Joan de Toran or Canejan.