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30 Route MTB


Baqueira | Tredòs | Salardú

Technical data

Diffficulty: Easy

Distance: 3.4 km

Time: 30′

Elevation: -250

Spring, Summer and Autumn

Asphalt: 0%, Earth 100%, Path 0%


This is a linear and downhill trail that begins in Núcleo Baqueira 1500 and reaches Salardu, where you can connect with some of the easy trails surrounding the town. Much of the trail goes along the old Camin Reiau, running through the area.

Leaving the Baqueira 1500 car park, go to the back and head left until you find the road leading to Tredòs. It is a downhill forest track that crosses the Garonne and connects with Camin Reiau on the right. The track continues its downhill descent by the river side until reaching the highest point of Tredòs.

Cross the bridge and continue downhill alongside the river, until you find the Camin Reiau Salardu, which is paved on this stretch. You’ll arrive at Salardú by La Mola. Proceed to the tourist office by crossing at the roundabout and going up a short but steep climb.

It is interesting to spend a little time strolling through Tredòs’ streets and visiting the church of Cap d’Aran. Highlights in Salardú include the church of San Andreu, the Mola and the PyrenMuseu.