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5 Route MTB


Bossòst | Margalida | Bassa d’Arres | Mina Victoria | Bossòst

Technical data

Diffficulty: Difficult

Distance: 20 km

Time: 4h 30′

Elevation: +950

Summer and Autumn

Asphalt: 18%, Earth 60%, Path 21%


Physically difficult route with a single technical section in the area of Mina Victoria along which you may need to walk a few metres on foot. Until just past the Bassa d’Arres it joins up with route 22.

The route’s starting point is beside the Bossòst tourist information office, right next to the River Garonne. Cross the River Garonne and take the footpath towards Arres. After 1.5 km, take the dirt track to Margalida and go up the valley until you reach the mines of the same name. Continue along the track and on your descent you will arrive at Bassa d’Arres. From here follow the tour signs around Mina Victòria down to the engine room. After the mine, take the path that goes past the large ruined houses and start a technical sloping descent of about 100 m. You’ll then end up on a track that after some 300 m reaches the footpath, where you turn right and go quickly downhill back to the starting point in Bossòst.

We highly recommend visiting the Victoria mine in the summer and learning about the important mining heritage of the Val d’Aran.