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8 Route MTB


Es Bòrdes | Pònt d’Arròs | Sant Joan | Vilamòs | Benós | Es Bòrdes

Technical data

Diffficulty: Difficult

Distance: 16.3 km

Time: 3h

Elevation: +450

Spring, Summer and Autumn

Asphalt: 25%, Earth 56%, Path 19%


Variety and intense experiences, this is what you’ll find on this thrilling route, which calls for a good level of fitness and familiarity with technical downhills.

Leaving from the Es Bòrdes church, take the Camin Reiau towards Vielha up to Pont d’Arròs. Here, take the track to the left, which is paved along the 4 km or so until the climb through the valley of Varradòs. At km 7.3, turn left onto the dirt track that will take you to Vilamòs. Head down historic paths lined with stone walls to Benós and then take the local road that will take you to Begós. Another technical stretch will take you back to Pònt d’Arròs, where you’ll turn back onto the Camin Reiau until Es Bòrdes.

Highly recommended for enduro lovers. The descent from Vilamòs to Pònt d’Arròs follows the ancient road network between villages. Bear in mind that this is a very popular itinerary with walkers and remember that they always have the right of way. The mountain must always be respected.

Vilamòs is the perfect stop for a break. Take advantage to visit the Joanchiquet museum, the church and the lime kiln.