Camin Reiau


Aubèrt | Camin Reiau | Es Bòrdes

Technical data

Diffficulty: Easy

Type: Hiking

Distance: 7,5 km

Time: 2h

Elevation: -125m


This is a pleasant walk between Aubèrt and Era Bordeta which takes place on part of the Royal Path along the base of the Gèles ridge and at the beginning of the Varicauba forest. The hike will take you to the village of Es Bòrdes and once you have crossed the Joeu river you will go along the base of the Entecada ridge. The hike is full of typical vegetation from the river basin with pine, fir and hazelnut trees. Of significance one will also find moss, boxwood bush and plenty of floral and plant diversity in this area. As the seasons change so does the botanic variety. The water from the ravines feed into the Garona River in form of small waterfalls along the trail. Nature is combined with other resources of the valley such as the camp grounds, the hydroelectric station, farming and carpentry along the trail.

Detailed Route:

Starting point is in Aubert in the car park of the picnic area reached after having crossed the Garona River. (1) This hike follows the direction of the river along the asphalted road. When the road splits off to the left (2) go to the right following the “Camin Reiau” and GR 211-1 signs. This is an easy and comfortable dirt trail. You will pass by the Arros bridge on the right which is next to the first camp ground. You will soon pass by the second camp ground and the hydroelectric station of Benòs. The trail will take you to the village of Es Bòrdes where the hiker can quench his thirst in one of the many fountains scattered throughout the village. Cross the village following the signs and after a steep downhill you will cross the rock bridge over the Joeu River. The trail flattens out and passes through beautiful fields and pastures along with an old covered wash basin. Different camp grounds indicate the proximity to Era Bordeta. Cross the Garona River on the bridge which will take you to the N-230 highway at which time you will have arrived to the stopping point of the excursion.


The “Camin Reiau” is an old path possibly used in the period of the Romans who came from Toulouse passed through the Aran Valley until reaching the Bonaigua Pass and then moving on to Tarragona. On a small hill next to the Es Bòrdes village was located the Castèth Leon (a fort of strategic importance) built in 1283 and which served as the seat of the Aran government. At the foot of this fort the village of Es Bòrdes was built. In the 18th century the fort was besieged, burnt and destroyed. An emblematic bush of this trail is the boxwood bush (buxus sempervirens) which has very hard, dense and homogenous grain used to make pipes, kitchen utensils and wind instruments. It is also a medicinal plant, but highly toxic. It is often used in arts and crafts given it can be cut into various forms and used as garden ornaments.