The Route of Seven Villages


Es Bòrdes | Arrò | Arres de Jos | Arres de Sus | Vilamòs | Begós | Benós | Es Bòrdes

Technical data

Diffficulty: Difficult

Type: Hiking

Distance: 10,1 km

Time: 4h

Elevation: 580m


This hike connects the seven villages of the Lairissa Terçon (region) located in the Uishèra Mountain range. These are the oldest and least inhabited villages of the Aran Valley. The rural houses and barns make up the village landscape. Slate roofs with typical lucana windows, fountains, animal troughs and wash basins….all form a part of the enchantment of these villages. The vegetation is very varied: the thick oak forests of Artigaus; the hazelnut trees of Manhaits, streams bordered by cherry trees and the wild pine and fern forests of Uishèra. The visitor will encounter beautiful panoramic views of the Artiga de Lin valley, the Maladeta mountain range and the ridges of the Entecada range.

Detailed Route:

The starting point is the church square of Es Bòrdes. Start by going down the Artiga Street (carrer) (1) to the road and goes to the bridge of Es Bòrdes. After crossing the N-230 highway straight ahead go up the steep slope to the left of the houses. Shortly you will find a crossing with a sign indicating the PR-114 to the left. This trail follows the access road to Arrò (2). Go through the village until you reach a small square. Pass the square and turn to the left on the Sant Antoni street and follow this until the end of the village where there is another sign. At the next crossing (3) take the path towards Arres de Jos (GR-211). Following the wide curves you will arrive to the crossing of “Es Manhaits” (4). Go left towards Arres de Jos. Cross the village of Arres de Jos leaving the chapel of San Fabián behind you and by taking the San Joan street which is quite steep and passes by the Sant Joan church and takes you to Arres de Sus. In Arres de Sus go to the Major (main) square (5) and follow the principal street towards Vilamos. When you reach the last houses turn left to follow the GR trail to Vilamos. On the Major street there is a sign indicating the GR-211 which you will follow. At the first crossing (6) take a left towards Begós and at the second cairn (stone markers) take a left as well. In Begós go down the central street until reaching the town square and continue along the Santa Llucia street and the main road until finding a sign which shows the trail leading to Benós. Follow the Sant Ròc street which goes through the higher and lower parts until reaching the main square (Plaça Major) where the path crosses the first crossing which leads you back to Es Bòrdes.


Visit the Santa Maria of Vilamos church, the Joanchiquet Ecomuseum, the animal troughs and lime kiln.


Vilamòs was the first inhabited and recognized village of the Aran Valley. At one point there were more than 500 inhabitants. It is believed that the Sant Miquéu (Michael) chapel, 1 km from Vilamós, was the first parish of Aran – in the 10th century.