Route around the lakes of Bacivèr

Estanhs de Baciver

Technical data

Diffficulty: Moderate

Technical difficulty:ME-S2

Modality: Snowshoeing and skiing

Longitude: 10 km

Time: 4h

Elevation: +500

Class avalanche terrain: Simple


This circular route passes by all the lakes in the Bacivèr cirque and is ideal for snowshoeing or off-piste skiing. It’s an alternative to the popular Tuc of Vacivèr if you’re after an easier trip, in terms of both technical difficulty and physical requirements. It’s also more doable when the weather conditions and high-level snow cover are not favourable.

From the car park in Orri, take the Arriu Malo valley, between Cabo de Baqueira and Tuc de Vacivèr. You’ll reach a flatter area without forest, and then keep on looking for clearings among the pine trees, staying close to the valley floor to the right of the river. At a relatively close distance you’ll make out the dam wall of Lake Baix de Bacivèr. Keep going through this section (a narrow pass) until reaching the lake, where the spectacular Baciver cirque opens out before you. From here, continue eastwards among scattered pine trees towards the right of a small mountain (elevation 2345 m on the map), and then in a northeast direction until you get to the first of the Dalt de Bacivèr lakes. Depending on the time, the conditions and your inclination, you can walk around the first of the lakes or both of them until coming back to the water outlet of the first lake. From this point, start heading back down the ravine to retrace your uphill route to the shore of Lake Baix. From here, you can keep going down on the same outward route or head in a northwesterly direction to find a descent down a small side valley. Shortly before reaching the car park, you’ll have joined up with the uphill route again.