Tour around Pontet


Technical data

Diffficulty: Easy

Technical difficulty:S2

Modality: Snowshoes

Longitude: 7 km

Time: 3h

Elevation: +600

Class avalanche terrain: Demanding


In deepest midwinter, when the snow is deep and especially after a good snowfall, we propose this snowshoe excursion starting from the northern mouth of the tunnel right into the Pontet sector. After crossing the fir forest, the route will unveil the Sierra de Fontfreda as a backdrop and a glacial landscape formed by moraines, small basins and cirques, and sharp spires. You’ll enjoy a safe and privileged route to the foot of Tuc des Hemnes, which without question is one of the most beautiful snapshots of the Val d’Aran.

From the car park of the north mouth to the tunnel, almost always blessed with continuous snow, follow the north-facing track that gently flattens out until you come across the summer path towards Pòrt de Vielha. Cross the fir forest following the path or zigzagging through the wider clearing until coming out at the Deth Pontet shepherd’s hut. Continue the gentle walk along the right bank of the river to Pontet and the red iron cross. Cross the ravine, and instead of following the summer path that goes up the moraine, continue along the valley floor, gradually gaining altitude. When the ground begins to get steeper, turn eastwards onto another easy-to-find moraine. Keep on climbing southwards through the moraine and, among scattered pine trees and a small stretch of steeper slope, you’ll reach the altitude of 2000 m. Suddenly you’ll find yourself in front of the imposing Tuc des Hemnes and the cirque formed by the Tuc and the Pala de Sarrahèra. You can head back down along the same route or by taking the northwest-facing valley that descends directly to the River Fontfreda. Here you’ll find the original uphill route that will take you back to the starting point.