Tuc de Parros

Tuc de Parros | Vall de Parros i Clòsos

Technical data

Diffficulty: Difficult

Technical difficulty:BE-S3

Modality: Ski mountaineering

Longitude: 14 km

Time: 5-6h

Elevation: +1150

Class avalanche terrain: Complex


Tuc de Parros, thanks to its easy access, fairly level grassy terrain, and shallow ski-friendly snow, is one of the most popular climbs in the Val d’Aran. Here we propose a circular route, up the barren Parros valley, passing by the Estanh Nere and climbing the SW point, about 300 metres from the actual summit, which can be reached on skis or on foot following the crest. To avoid too much pole work, you should head back down via Cap des Clòsos and directly to Pla de Beret.

From the Pla de Beret car park, head downhill for around 2.5 km on the trail beside the Noguera Pallaresa on its left bank towards Montgarri, until finally reaching the Parros shepherd’s hut. From the hut, you can begin the ascent through the eponymous valley. First on the left bank of the river, and then on the north-facing side when the valley narrows. Avoid following the course of the river, as small-scale avalanches can occur here. When the valley opens out (altitude 2100 m), follow the central part while taking advantage of small protrusions that allow you to gain altitude quickly. The hill will be at the end of the valley floor and directly ahead will be the rocky ridge that descends from the summit and splits into a pass halfway up. Take the path to this pass, avoiding the SE approach to the slope of Sèrra dera Mòrto, where there are often unstable rocks or the risk of wet snow avalanches triggered by heat or sunlight. From the pass, cross the NE side of the valley to the top. Keep going up along the increasingly soft ground, leaving the basin with the Estanh Nere Parros down to your right, and avoiding snow drifts which may have formed near the ridge line. Once at the summit, you’ll enjoy a magnificent panoramic view with the imposing silhouette of Tuc de Mauberme towards the north.

If unsure about the stability of the snow, start the descent following the same route. If stability on the NE stretch is good, then you can leave the pass behind to the right and continue down the valley to the plain where there’s a snow cover probe. From this point or from above, if you’ve come down to the valley following the outgoing route, then go back to Cap des Clòsos around its NW side. From the summit go slightly downhill, but without going into the Barlongueta valley, to link up with the crest line of Tuc deth Miei. Then go up to the summit and descend directly to the Beret car park, avoiding the steeper valleys where sometimes there are unstable snow drifts.