When business turns into pleasure

The most revolutionary commitment recently made by Val d’Aran has been Business Tourism, with the so-called ‘Convention Bureau’, which offers the possibility to combine businesses with pleasure. There is nothing better for decision making than having the mind relaxed and focused thanks to the wellness elements offered by the valley; thus transforming the work experience into something else, almost like on holidays, but with results. A company meeting, a team players meeting or a work convention of a particular sector can be turned into a relaxed stay that will make the outcome of events easier and will stimulate, even more, the fulfilment of the objectives set out.

Many of the hotels of the Valley (eight of which are 4-star hotels and four of them 5-star hotels) have convention rooms for different kinds of events; they are equipped with cutting edge technology, along with other public facilities. The natural environment and the wellness offer provide all of the other necessary elements to turn business into a pleasure that transgresses the old adage of not mixing business with pleasure.

Adventure sports activities and high performance sports such as white water rafting or heli-skiing are added to the experience and turn it into a combination that will be difficult to forget and a reason to come back.

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