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Ecomusèu Çò de Joanchiquet, Vilamòs

Ecomusèu çò de Joanchiquet is in Major Street, in Vilamòs, one othe the Aranese villages which best keeps the traditional architecture of the valley. Joanchiquet stands for the prototypical traditional Aranese house; the so-called ‘auviatge’. An ‘auviatge’ consists of a group of bulidings –a house, ‘bordas’ (cattle sheds), a pigeon loft and a pigsty-. These buildings are organized around an enclosed courtyard, where there are a vegetable garden (casau) and a little orchard (vergèr).
With the restoration of the house, both the furniture and the inner layout from the end of the 20th Century have been kept. When one visits Joanchiquet, one travels back to the past and discovers the daily life of its history.

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Tel. 973 641815