• 3-4 kg of boar meat
  • red wine
  • two or three cloves of garlic
  • carrots
  • ‘semolets’ (a type of onion)
  • a piece of dark chocolate
  • a leaf of thyme, a bay leaf and parsley
  • a little handful of ‘mojardón’ (a type of mushroom, the so-called Clitopilus prunulus), not too many, as they are very strong


Use a clay cooking pot, as it gives a better flavour than an iron one.
Add one half measure of water and one half of red wine (1 l and 1 l, for example).
Fry the boar meat first, taking care not to over-fry it, as it may go dry or hard.
Once it is fried, place the meat, the cloves of garlic, the carrots, the ‘semolets’ and the herbs in the pot and macerate for a couple of days.
After the two days have elapsed, add grated chocolate and bring it to the boil. When it starts to boil cover with wrapping paper and put a plate over it to stop it from leaking.
Cook over a very low heat, for 7-8 hours (at least 4 hours!). Do not salt until the end.
Cooking time will depend on whether you like your meat more or less tender.
Serve on a clay tray.
Variants: some people add sugar.