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Here you will find information on adventure sports activities we offer in an incomparable setting, the Val d’Aran, located at the western end of the Catalan Pyrenees.
You can also arrange activities, apply both individual budgets, and groups of friends, families, businesses or school, or other information that is of interest. What provides Deportur ?. Rafting and more. Since the decline in rubber rafts on the Garonne river accompanied by expert guides to mountain biking practiced in natural areas, to walk around the bed of a river, combining swimming techniques, caving and climbing to save the different obstacles posed by ravine or river canyon.
So fifteen activities to enjoy nature, physical exercise and find exciting and unforgettable moments that make repeat year after year to those who try it for the first time. Every year we have visitors from all Spanish geographic areas and the south of France.
And do not worry, Deportur has the best qualified and dedicated professionals who will guide you through the path of enjoyment without risk, as well as incorporating accident insurance and liability.
We are at your service from April to October and if you want to see our winter activities. But not only encompasses Deportur to offer these great experiences, but undertakes to organize all aspects of travel, accommodation and meals.
You just have to contact us and the team of professionals at your service Deportur be in charge of finding the best solution One of these solutions is presented in the wonderful campsite located in the very Deportur operational base. Since there will be very comfortable start adventure sports activities.
I invite you to visit this web site Camping section.
Now you just need to see the information with excellent picture of our activities from your home or workplace through this web site in internet Deportur. I hope that once the aforementioned visit soon, can count on your presence and that of your family, friends, colleagues, employees or students.
We will be happy to assist you and make you enjoy