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Roger Mountain Guide

How long has Roger Mountain Guide been working in the Val d’Aran?
We work in Val d’ Aran organizing and guiding tours and mountain activities for 10 years

Why did you choose this destination?
The Aran Valley is a valley embedded among the Pyrenean ridges, located at the northwest end of the Catalan Pyrenees. Much of the territory is more than 2,000 meters high with peaks around 3000m, a perfect place for lovers of hiking, mountaineering and skiing in any of its modalities.
Along with its richness and variety of landscapes, this is also the ideal destination for travelers who love culture the best gastronomy.
Its whimsical orography has forged the traditions of this land, its own language (Aranese) and cultural manifestations that make it unique.
An explosive combination; environmental and cultural heritage preserved over the centuries

What are your specialties?
Roger Mountain Guide is divided into two branches: High and Medium Mountain
High mountain: skitouring, climbing, mountaineering, via ferratas…
Medium mountain: hiking and trekking

What is your vision when you create a trip or an experience?
Our trips and activities prioritize the safety, quality and enjoyment of the participants,
turning each trip and activity into a unique experience.
We are committed to sustainability, environmental protection, the promotion of the local economy and respect for mountain cultures. With this we want to preserve and enhance this wonderful space that represents the mountain for all of us.
Our goal is to help travelers fulfill their dreams.

What is your philosophy?
Conscious and sustainable tourism is not a fad. These are two concepts that define part of Roger Mountain Guide’s philosophy since its birth.
Conscious tourism as a transformative life experience that generates personal growth.
This concept is based on the principles of sustainability and ethics and constitutes a deal of
coexistence, responsibility, mutual respect and communion between tourist agents and tourists, a respectful coexistence between communities, tourists and natural and cultural heritage.
Sustainable tourism as a means of managing all resources so that they can meet economic, social and personal needs, respecting cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biodiversity and systems that sustai