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Sant Fèlix de Vilac

Type: Church
Century: XII, XIV, XIX
Architectural style: Romanesque-Gothic-Neoclasico
Village: Vilac
Municipality: Vielha e Mijaran

The church of Sant Fèlix will be a delight to the visitor’s artistic sensitivity; its architectural configuration, with its basilical ground plan, reveals its Romanesque origin; this constitutes a structure of three naves (the central nave has a barrel vault and the side naves a quarter sphere) with the four arcades that separate the naves and the corresponding circular pillars supporting it.
But the Sant Fèlix’s finest Romanesque epoch architectural and sculptural reference is its facade; it is formed by four semicircular decreasing arches, protected by a decorative dust-guard with the typical chequering (which originated in Aragon and Navarre). The tympanum boasts a curious sculptural unit with the representation of the figure of Christ, crowned and enthroned, surrounded by the Tetramorph; another outstanding element is the tombstone (funeral origin) embedded at the top of the facade.
The Gothic heritance is patent in the construction of the belfry, which dates from the 14th and 15th Centuries; it is attached to the west wall of the church, and its base might suggest a certain defensive origin.

News: Bell tower visited by reservation!