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Sant Martin de Tours de Gausac

Century: XIII-XV
Architectural style:Romanesque – Gothic
Village: Gausac
Municipality: Vielha e Mijaran

The church of St. Martin of Gausac is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture Aran, a rare artistic style in the Valle de Aran. It remains hinged on a single nave, with the addition of side chapels and headed by a polygonal apse. Despite the unusual stylistic unity demonstrating Gausac church, yes constructive sequentiality seems boot of the late thirteenth or early fourteenth to reach the fullness of the formal Gothic fifteenth century evidence. Thanks to the intervention made the summer of 2001, the presence of structural elements belonging to the last Romanesque period is confirmed. The Romanesque heritage is also reflected in his baptismal font; It is a cilindriforme sculpted glass where an iconographic discourse that relates to baptismales batteries Casau and Escunhau. Also from the Romanesque period is the stoup to find mated inside the church, near the exit door; the decoration of this stack is based on vegetable elements (stems, leaves), very representative of the rest of holy water fonts (Mont, Casau, Escunhau, Begos). The architectural structure of the church stands based semi-cylindrical columns section where they dig the vaults covering the building; the apse, following the formal guidelines of the Gothic, is polygonal configuration. Finally, note the sculpted Christ on the wall encastado find the narthex entrance and could correspond to a tympanum of the previous Romanesque church.