The most beautiful legend told by the elders of the valley was as real as life itself and took place in Bausen (Baish Aran) at the beginning of the 20th century, when the church still had power over the parishioners’ life. In the 1920s, two young people from this beautiful town fell in love so deeply that they captivated their neighbours, who profoundly admired the love the young couple professed for each other. One day they decided to get married but the parish priest demanded a big sum of money as a dispensation since they were relatives; although they were distant relatives, he didn’t give in to the lovers’ requests. They decided to go on with their relationship and live together until Teresa got sick and died at the early age of 33. The priest, not even then, agreed to give her a Christian burial in the town cemetery. Given Teresa’s lover desperation, with great indignation, all the neighbours without exception dug another tomb and buried her, with dignity, in the civil cemetery where she currently lies. Their son, the offspring of that love, places fresh flowers on her tomb every year.