Hiking in the Val d’Aran

Trekking and routes through the different villages and natural areas of the Val d’Aran is one of the preferred activities of our visitors.

MTB and cycle tourism in the Val d’Aran

Discovering nature by bicycle is one of the most intense experiences we can enjoy in the Val d’Aran. Signposted routes in btt as well as by road, quiet walks along the river linking villages or technical descents through lush forests, will be difficult to erase from our memory.

Romanesque tour of the Val d’Aran

A tour of the most representative churches of Aranese Romanesque architecture: Santa Maria d’Arties, Santa Eulària d’Unha, Sant Andreu de Salardú, Sant Fèlix de Bagergue, Sant Peir d’Escunhau, Sant Estèue de Betren, Sant Fèlix de Vilac, Santa Maria de Cap d’Aran de Tredòs, Mair de Diu dera Purificacion de Bossòst, Sant Miqueu de Vielha.

Crèma deth Taro en Arties

Fire festival in Arties. It is celebrated on 23 June, the eve of San Juan, coinciding with the start of the town’s main festivities, which open the summer season. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Crema der Haro de Les

Video on loan from the town hall of Les. Fiesta de la Crema der haro, fire festival celebrated on the night of San Juan in the village of Les (Val d’Aran).

Summer 2019

Summer 2019 advertisement.

Trail Vielha – Molières

Video of the Trail Vielha – Molières 2017. Promotion of Trail Vielha – Molières 2018 which will take place on July 14th.

Productes dera Val d’Aran

Nowadays “Productes dera Val d’Aran”, guarantee brand, has a total of 12 products: patè, bolh, langoissa seca, choriço, andito, caviar, honey, cheese, iogurt, òlha aranesa, tronquets and coquilhons; but the door is open for those products that you want to add.

The charch of autumn of the Val d’Aran

The chromatic explosion that takes place in the Aranese forests with the arrival of autumn gives us some of the most splendid and idyllic landscapes that we can enjoy in the Valley.

Living the snow in the Val d’Aran

Baqueira Beret, skiing and a lot of snow activities… in winter the Val d’Aran is a white paradise.

48 horas en Baqueira Beret

Video made by Epic TV- First contact of Olympic athletes Freddy ‘The Fox’ Austbo and English freeskier Rowan Cheshire with Baqueira Beret station in Val d’Aran.