Recovering Strength

The avid visitor looking for gastronomic experiences will be able to choose among more than 180 restaurants where they can delight themselves with the flavours, smells and textures of the Aranes cuisine. Aside from the traditional dishes elaborated with local products such as the “òlha aranesa”(local stew), pates or game stews, more new and trendy cuisine is found where duck, cooked in 100 different ways, sturgeon from the fish farm in Les and the caviar stand out. The proximity to France has also introduced dishes and ingredients such as crêpes, foies, “crespets” (sweet fritters) or confits prepared Aranes style. The warm hospitality of the hosts and the idyllic environment will turn every meal into a unique experience. Another pleasure for the visitor is to acquire some of the homemade products so that, once back home, they can relive and share the experience of Aran. Some of these products are game sausages, longaniza (kind of sausage), bolh (sausage made of tongue), jams, cassis (red currant liqueur), or aigua de nodes (walnut water liqueur) and they can be bought in specialised establishments.

Those who taste Aranes cuisine feel that they are culminating in an outstanding way the experience of their stay in the Valley. Not only because of the quality and diversity of the gastronomic offering but also because of the particularity and ingredients of its dishes which have been influenced, without a doubt, in their evolution by the ancestral isolation of the area.