3ª Val d'Aran Walking Festival

From24 to 30 august the third edition of the Val d’Aran Walking Festival will take place, the great hiking event of the Val d’Aran. Walkers and nature lovers from all over come every year to enjoy the landscapes, culture, heritage and gastronomy of Aran. A team of professional guides is in charge of leading the routes through emblematic places.

In this third edition, 27 mountain hiking routes of different levels and routes have been designed, and 5 thematic hiking routes, one of which is by night. The packages include all the services and activities of the Festival and can be for the whole week, 5, 4, 3 days or a weekend.

Among the excursions there will be no lack of classics to such emblematic places as the Colomers Lakes, the Historical Route of Port de Vielha, the Camin Reiau that links the villages of the Valley, or stargazing.

The excursions will be combined with cultural visits to the Romanesque heritage and ethnographic museums of the Val d’Aran. There will also be gastronomic tastings of local products as well as tasting of artisan beer in Bossòst, and other typical drinks of the Val d’Aran.

At the beginning of the linear excursions, transport will be provided from the meeting point in Vielha, as well as taxis on the excursions in the National Park. In the circular type excursions, the access at the beginning of the excursion is done with the own car.

The Festival is sponsored by Foment de Torisme Val d’Aran, Conselh Generau d’Aran and Ajuntament de Naut Aran. It has the collaboration of the Town Councils of Vielha, Bossòst and Les, craftsmen and producers of the valley and various sports companies. IDAPA is also among the collaborators.

Information and reservations:

CAMINS – festival@camins.net Telefonos: 973,64.24.44 – 616.33.56.91

Avenida Pas d’Arro, 5 – Bajos. www.camins.net

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Registration for Trail Molières 2019

The mountain race through the Val d’Aran, the Trail Molières, which will be held on 13 July, has open registrations through the website. With three courses -Maratón de Molières, Montpius Skyrace and Tuca Trail-, it is probably the most alpine Marathon in the Pyrenees.

Registrations can only be made through the website until 2 July and no in-person registrations will be allowed on the day of the event. The organisation has offered 500 places for the Molières Marathon and 500 for the Montpius Skyrace and 250 for the Tuca Trail. From the organization it is recommended to all the participants to be in possession of the federative license that includes this type of tests.


  • MOLIÈRES MARATHON – 43 km. x 4,200 d+. More than 95% of the race are trails and roads. A circular knife style course with corrigible zones and technical zones that will make runners enjoy themselves.
  • MONTPIUS SKYRACE – 24 km. x 1,800 d+. A complete pure skyrun race with spectacular and unique views of Aneto and Maladeta.
  • TUCA TRAIL – 11 km. x 800 d+. Explosive race through the forest of Tuca, next to Vielha that mixes all kinds of terrains and roads, but mainly woody tiraderas inside the leafy forest of firs of the mountain of Tuca.

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2º Val d'Aran Walking Festival: Registration open

The 2nd Val d’Aran Walking Festival, to be held from 1 to 7 July, organized by Camins with the support of the Club Alpi Aranes, has almost ready this year’s program. Walkers can already register for this event which will have more hiking excursions of all levels and more cultural and gastronomic visits to publicize the products of the brand guarantee Val d’Aran.

The classic excursions to such emblematic places as the lakes of Colomers, the Historical Way of Port de Vielha, the Camin Reiau that joins the villages of the Valley, or the observation of stars will not be absent. In addition, this second edition presents several novelties:

Visit to the Victoria Mine in Arres next to Musèus Val d’Aran, where we will discover the mining heritage of the valley.
Crossing the Coth de Baretja, magical place and natural passage between the French valley of Luchon and the village of Bossòst.
Visit to the Interpretation Centre of the Artiga de Lin and the new guarded Refuge of the Pla de la Artiga.
New hiking excursions to the Lakes of Saboredo, the Bassa de Arres, and the Tuc de Aubas, fantastic viewpoint of the massif of Aneto.
Workshop of Medicinal Plants of the Val d’Aran.
Introduction to Nordic Walking along the valley paths.
Visit to Aran Park, a wildlife park with wolves, marmots, deer, bears, vultures, and other species of the Pyrenees.
Visit to the new artisan brewery of Bossòst, with beer tasting included.
And, to end the Festival, the Historical Way of the Port of Bonaigua, which links Vall d’Aneu with Val d’Aran, as part of the Camins Vius programme.
The Festival is sponsored by Foment de Torisme Val d’Aran, Conselh Generau d’Aran and Ajuntament de Naut Aran. It has the collaboration of the Town Councils of Vielha and Bossòst, artisans and producers of the valley and various sports companies. The collaborators also include the Mountain Federations of Catalonia, Spain and Europe, as well as the IDAPA body and the Aigüestortes National Park.

The first Val d’Aran Walking Festival took place last year and was attended by more than 600 people to the different hiking, cultural and gastronomic activities.

Information and reservations

CAMINS – festival@camins.net Telefonos: 973,64.24.44 – 616.33.56.91

Avenida Pas d’Arro, 5 – Bajos. www.camins.net

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The Tour del Aneto celebrates its 5th anniversary

This season the hiking route Tour de l’Aneto, celebrates 5 years since its launch. The itinerary around the highest mountain of the Pyrenees, is inspired by the trip that the French Pyrenees Alfred Toneille made in 1848.

Since its creation, every year hundreds of hikers, both domestic and foreign, bet on this route through 5 valleys: Benasque, Castanesa, Barravés, Val d’Aran and Valle de Luchon, with a route of 115km and a slope of 5,500m, which are completed in 6 stages.  In addition, a perfect network of hotels and refuges provides service to the route, which also has a luggage transport service at each stage.

News 2019

In this 5th edition, the route is completed with the “Espai de l’Artiga de Lin”, where an Interpretation Centre has been inaugurated and the new Refuge guarded from the Pla de la Artiga. Exto will allow various variants within the classic route of the Tour del Aneto, such as the Alta Ruta, and the Ruta de los Hospitales.

In addition, the Tour del Aneto offers this year, to celebrate the 5th anniversary, a 5% discount on all options and modalities that there are in 2.019. It will apply to all reservations of the route that are made before April 21 and is not cumulative with other offers or discounts established.

Reservations for 2019 are already open on the Tour del Aneto website.
Telèfons: 973.64.24.44 / 616.33.56.91info@tourdelaneto.com

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Trail Vielha - Molières, three pure mountain races

This event is held on July 14 and includes three races of different distances, routes and difficulties.

The Vielha – Molières Trail is a sporting event that includes three pure mountain races and will take place on July 14. This is the second edition of this meeting, which last year brought together more than 700 trail-running enthusiasts with the aim of enjoying and running through the Aranese mountains and crowning several peaks.


TUCA TRAIL – 11 km. x 600 d+
Explosive race through the Tuca forest, next to Vielha. It mixes all kinds of land and roads, but mainly woodsheds inside the leafy fir forest of the Tuca mountain. An ideal race to get started in the world of trail, or to exploit the speed of each one. It is allowed for running from the age of 14.

MONTPIUS SKYRACE – 23 km. x 1.700 d+
Full race of pure skyrun. Crown 4 peaks of más of 2,000 meters, with impressive ridges, to después descend to Vielha again. The peak of the Montpius of 2,270 meters marks the highest point of the race, and from there you can enjoy spectacular and unique views of the Aneto and the Maladeta. A race with 1,700 meters of positive slope with a final part of the route through the Tuca Forest to enjoy a fast descent to Vielha.

MOLIÈRES MARATHON – 42 km. x 4,100 d+
Race of high montaña where 5 peaks of más of 2.000 meters are crowned; among them the Molieres of 3010, roof of the Valley of Aran and of the race. A large part of the race takes place at an altitude of over 2,000 metres, and the start and finish line is in Vielha, at 974 metres. Circular race through the montaña, in the middle of the axial Pyrenees with más of 95% of the routes and paths, with corrible zones and zones técnicas that harán enjoy the runners.

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Más información: http://www.trailmolieres3010.com/#hero

The advendure saison starts in the Val d'Aran

On Wednesday 14 March, a new season of Adventure Sports is launched in Val d’ Aran, just before the start of the Easter holidays. The activities will begin with the first rafting descent with Deportur, with a group of schoolchildren walking.

In this period, snow activities: cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, are combined with rafting, hiking, adventure park Naturaran and cultural visits. The season is extended until the bridge of Pilar, October 14, which means 7 months of operation of the different facilities.

Deportur and Camins, the companies that start the season, have all their services ready for this date and for the Easter holidays, which will start on March 24th.

Val d'Aran Walking Festival, hiking in an incomparable environment

The Val d’ Aran Walking Festival will take place from 2nd to 8th July.

The event consists of 6 days of guided excursions with 16 hiking activities of different routes, slopes and duration, to offer each hiker the one that best suits his or her wishes. To this end, a range of packages has been designed that include all the services and activities of the Festival. In addition, those who do not have the whole week, also have the option of attending the Festival for 4 days or the weekend.

In the heart of the Pyrenees, the Val d’ Aran has about 300 km of marked hiking trails. The Val d’ Aran Walking Festival joins other Festivals that are held in other areas of the Pyrenees, Spain and Europe, in order to publicise their itineraries, cultural heritage and all the complementary services, which make this valley a paradise to enjoy hiking.


There will be two types of excursions in the program:

  • Full day excursions, with a route of more than 10km, with unevennesses between 600 and 800m, and a duration of 4,30h to 6h. In some of them the ascent to some summit is made (easy). Picnic required.
  • Half-day excursions, scheduled in the morning and afternoon. With a path of less than 10km, and gentle slopes between 200 and 500m. They will last from 2,30h to 3,30h.
    Download the brochure of the Val d’Aran Walking Festival  with all the information about tours, packages and registrations.

More information: festival@camins.net

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XXI Corsa e Caminada 15 pobles



20841062059_f0013d5b88_zOrganized by Volentaris d’Aran, this race from the Baish Aran to Mijaran has its origins in the desire to recover the ancient Pyrenean roads between the villages of the valley. The race, whose XXIst edition will take place on August 27, runs mainly by mountain trails in wooded areas and has already established itself as a traditional sports activity of Aranese summer. The route passes through 15 villages in the Val d’Aran, from Es Bordes to Vielha.


Microsoft Word - Documento3Caminada 15 pobles

15 and 21 Km walks departing from Es Bordes and 5Km walk departing from Montcorbau.

Corsa 15 pobles

21.5 Km race leaving from Es Bordes

XVIII Trophy Roland Giné

Youth Mountain Running short haul: 5Km leaving from Montcorbau

II Trofeo Arturo Riba

11,20 Km race leaving from Es Bordes

There will be aid stations in Arres, Vilamòs, Pont d’Arròs, Vila, Betlan, Mont and Vielha.


In addition to trophies for the top three finishers in male and female category, it will also be awarded the Trophy Maribel and Inigo to the more veteran runner.

More information in the web Corsa 15 pobles

The Val d'Aran embellish the territory to receive summer visitors

The paths and trails of the Val d’Aran are practically ready to be enjoyed by the hikers who visit the valley this summer.

The Consèlh Generau has set up a brigade for sanitation of the nearly one hundred kilometers of trails that form part of the historic network of hiking and mountain biking trails in the Val d’Aran.

The works include the cleaning and repair of the roads, as well as of its margins and stone walls if necessary and will be extended until the middle of July.
The works, carried out by a team of twenty people, have been planned according to the needs of the various sporting events that take place in the valley (walks, races, rallies, etc.), to their destiny towards the hermitages or “santets”, and the use of the inhabitants of the Val d’Aran.

The specialists of the Consèlh Generau have finished yet the works in the paths:

  • Bassa d’Arres y guardader d’Arres.
  • Camino de Mont – Moncorbau
  • Camino de Mont – Vilac
  • Camino Pont d’Arròs – Begòs
  • Camino de Vilamòs a la iglesia de Sant Miquèu
  • Camino de Ribèra de Mont – Salient
  • Camino de Vilamòs – Begòs.
  • Camino de Pradets a pasarela del Refugi de la Honeria
  • Camino de pista Saubaga a Bossòst.
  • Camino de Vilamòs – Benòs
  • Camino de la Beusa, Gausac
  • Camino de Arró – Vilamòs. Mejoras en la pavimentación

Paving Improvements

On another hand, last week the works of paving with bituminous mixture in hot were carried out Es Bòrdes crossing, as well as works of improvement of the firm and road safety in the highway of Benós-Begós. In addition to facilitating mobility in the face of greater influx of visitors in summer, these rehabilitations lead to an improvement in the quality of life and safety for the residents of these towns.

Works in the Sanctuary of Montgarri

FFinally, it is worth mentioning the rehabilitation and improvement actions in the church of Nuestra Señora de Montgarri carried out by the Consèlh Generau. The works will improve the pavement to eliminate architectural barriers and will facilitate access to the church choir, leaving the Romanesque portico free of entrance to the church before the north facade. Also, various elements will be relocated to provide a better view of it to visitors.

Camino de Santiago by the Val d’Aran

With the same intention to promote hiking in the Val d’Aran, the Consèlh together with the Regional Council of Alta Ribagorça agreed last week to create a new tourist route, “Aran-Pyrenees”. The route intends to recover the Way of Santiago that unites Saint Bertrand de Comminges and Berbegal in Huesca, which has an important part of route in the Val d’Aran.

This new tourist product will encompass diverse territories: France, the Val d’Aran, Alta Ribagorça and the Ribagorza Aragonese. It has been also expressed the desire to join the Federación Española de Asociaciones de Amigos del Camino de Santiago as it can be an important channel for the promotion of this new tourist route.

Mountain shelters of the Val d’Aran

Conangles and Era Honería are the two cozy mountain shelters owned by the Consèlh Generau d’Aran.

They are located in areas of great scenic beauty and easily accessible, from which you can carry out beautiful excursions and routes of medium and low difficulty to know the surroundings.


Owned by the Consèlh d’Aran, the refuge is located at the foot of the river Noguera Ribagorzana on its left bank. From the refuge two interesting itineraries leave, one of which towards the waterfall and the ‘estanys’ of Besiberri. The other path climbs above the Hospital de Vielha, dividing towards the valley of Molières, in the southwest direction, and towards the Port of Rius, in the north direction.

Era Honería

Owned by the Consèlh Generau d’Aran, the refuge is located at the head of the Toran Valley at 1050 m altitude. It belongs to the municipality of Canejan. The nearest town is Sant Joan de Toran at 1200 m distance. Open all year round, it allows the realization of all types of activities: hiking, classic or ice climbing, snowshoe excursions, ferrata routes, nature trips, excursions and crossings, mountain skiing and ridges.

  • Location: Valle del Torán, Canejan

  • Height: 1050 m.

  • Access: N230 to Pontaut. Take direction Canejan, and once arrived at this detour, continue until the deviation of San Joan de Torán. At this point continue 300 m. More along the paved road.

  • Capacity: 30

  • Services: Electric light, wifi, locker for material, bathrooms and showers with hot water, living room with fireplace, emergency radio, bar and meals.

  • Routes from the shelter: Paseo por el corazón del Torán, Por caminos de mineros y contrabandistas, Tuc de Betlan

  • Contacto. http://refugiohoneria.com/