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Festivals and traditions of June in Val d'Aran

Festivals and traditions of June in Val d’Aran
In June the festivals and pilgrimages take place in the Val d’Aran, which will continue in the following months. These traditions are part of the popular culture and history of the valley and its people, but they have also become a great tourist attraction for visitors.

  • Second weekend of the month: Pilgrimage de Sant Marti de Corilha (Gessa).
  • 13 June: Pilgrimage de Sant Antoni (Bossòst).
  • 17 June: Hèsta d’Aran.
  • 18 June: Pilgrimage dera Artiga de Lin.
  • 24 June: Hèsta Major de Sant Joan (Arties).
  • 24 June: Hèsta Major de Sant Joan (Les).
  • 25 June: Pilgrimage de Sant Pelegrin (Arties).
  • 29 June: Hèsta Major de Sant Pere (Escunhau)
  • 29 June: Hèsta Major de Sant Pere (Gessa)
  • 29 June: Hèsta Major de Sant Pere (Les)

The Vilas Floridas de la Val d'Aran begin to sprout

Bagergue, Arties, Canejan-Val de Toran and Vilac begin to sprout again to offer, during next summer, their most flowered image. The four Aranese localities participate in the Viles Florides project, which aims to enhance the natural wealth and landscape of the territory through public recognition of all those projects of landscaping, floral ornamentation, street furniture and recreational spaces.

The Aranese localities have done a good job, both in the public spaces dependent on the consistory and in the private ones, for which they have achieved the involvement of the majority of the neighbours. Each one, in its own style, is sowing the streets with flowers. In the summer 2018 edition, Bagergue revalidated its 4 flowers of honour, Arties obtained 3, Canejan 1 and Vilac applied for a visit from the jury in 2019.

According to Marc Tarrau, mayor of Bagergue, a pioneering Aranese town in this project, “Viles Florides has been a revulsive for the improvement of green spaces in Catalonia, an initiative that has motivated many towns and cities in the improvement of urban space. And also the improvement of the quality of life of the neighbours of the different municipalities that make up the Viles Florides movement. Transforming this movement into a tourist attraction of our villages is a primary objective, a seal of quality that serves as an attraction to attract more visitors.

The “viles florides” stand out for their real, conscious and long-lasting action in terms of landscaping, urban landscape and improving the quality of life of their citizens. Its cataloguing is decided by a jury specialised in nursery, gardening, landscaping, urban furniture and other related fields.
La Flor d’Honor -ran from one to five- is the recognition that certifies them as “viles florides”. Among the most valued aspects are the vegetable and landscape heritage, the resources allocated to its maintenance, the diversity of the region or the functionality of the green spaces, among others. It also takes into account respect for the environment and sustainability, as well as the social use given to it and synergies with tourism.

Viles Florides is an initiative of the Confederation of Ornamental Horticulture of Catalonia (CHOC) that promotes the transformation of corners, towns and cities of Catalonia through the green plant. For the movement, ornamentation goes beyond providing pleasant spaces and works to improve the quality of life of neighbors, social awareness through sustainable policies or the development of local economies through the attractiveness of parks and gardens.

The Bike Village Enduro Naut Aran 2019 arrives

On June 8-9 will take place one of the most important enduro events of the season, The Bike Village Enduro Naut Aran. This is the final of the Catalan Cup enduro and scoring test for the enduro racing circuit in the Pyrenees Bucardo Enduro Bike.

One more year Enduromies will host this championship. A magical place with trails of heart attack that run through the wonderful Atlantic forests of the north face of the Aran Valley. A land to flow with the bike, designed and maintained by Aran Bike Parks seal of guarantee and quality in the valley.

The test will have the epicenter in Salardú, Naut Aran, where the Paddock will be located and the exit-arrival. There, showers and changing rooms will be provided, as well as a bicycle washing and refreshment area. The prize-giving ceremony will be accompanied by popular food for all runners and companions.

The race runs around Enduromies. A first link where the maximum height will be reached that will bring us closer to one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of the valley. With imposing views that will make us forget this first link, the longest of the day. From there two timed sections await us to go up again and access the next two timed sections.

Saturday will be registration and training day in the morning. In the afternoon will begin the special timed to get the order of departure of the race on Sunday. This special section is secret and in sight. On Sunday there will be a race and awards ceremony.

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Val d'Aran by UTMB®, new trail-running test in the heart of the Pyrenees


Val d’Aran by UTMB®,

the new international trail running event to be held in the Spanish Pyrenees, has been announced and will be developed as a long-term collaboration between UTMB® International and InAran Sports, with the collaboration of Conselh Generau d’Aran.

The organisers have confirmed that the race, the first edition of which will be held in July 2020, will be part of the UTMB® labelled international events, integrating from 2020 onwards the new international ultra-endurance trail running circuit born from the recently signed partnership between UTMB® and the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, whose calendar will be presented this summer.

The inaugural edition will take place over several distances in the spectacular setting of the Aran Valley, in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees. Full details of the course and registration will be announced in August 2019, during UTMB® Mont-Blanc week.

“The Val d’Aran will offer its renowned hospitality to welcome runners and their families. This will be a unique opportunity to showcase our territory, a territory that may seem small in size but represents the largest mountains. The event will be a discovery of the territory for many people and for Val d’Aran it will be a new occasion and an important step to enrich its summer offer. In recent years, Val d’Aran has been a successful host for international and world-class sporting events, including the Mountain Skiing and Snowboarding World Cup, and the arrival and departure of the Tour de France,” said Carlos Barrera, Sindic of the Conselh Generau d’Aran.

“We are delighted to bring such a prestigious and well-known event to the Val d’Aran and look forward to welcoming Spanish, French and international runners to our breathtaking mountains. The venue has incredible potential to be a leading trail running destination and we will work closely with the UTMB® team to offer participants a unique experience,” added Xavier Pocino Moga, CEO of InAran Sports.

Trail running has become a very popular sport in Spain, with a large number of races taking place every year in the country, runners from all over the world flying to Spain to enjoy the sport and a large representation of Spanish runners at the UTMB® Mont-Blanc event, which is a clear indication of the type of welcome the Val d’Aran by UTMB® will receive, and which will be part of its great success.

“The UTMB® brand means much more than just a race. All UTMB®-supported events are organised to the highest standards of quality, offering challenging courses in the mountains and an extraordinary experience and journey for both runners and fans in iconic destinations,” said Catherine Poletti, Director of UTMB® Mont-Blanc.

“This new event in the heart of the Pyrenees allows us to further enrich the UTMB® offer in terms of terrain diversification, presenting a new and impressive mountain route, different from the alpine, with a strong characterisation” added Michel Poletti, co-director of the UTMB®.

Val d’Aran by UTMB® will be the 5th event of the UTMB® family, joining other emblematic and tourist destinations particularly attractive for trail runners who wish to explore the world: UTMB® Mont-Blanc, Gaoligong by UTMB®, Oman by UTMB® and Ushuaia by UTMB®.

As in all other “by UTMB®” events, the finishers of the Val d’Aran by UTMB® will be able, from the first edition of the event, to pick up the “Running Stones” and obtain a direct entry for the UTMB® Mont-Blanc race of their choice without having to go through the draw.

“We are delighted to add the Val d’Aran by UTMB® to our calendar, an event that will show everyone the best known side of the Pyrenees mountain range and that will bring added value to the world of trail running. This event is in line with the general objective of the UTMB® to develop prestigious events open to all on all continents. Welcome aboard Val d’Aran”, added Rémi Duchemin, CEO of UTMB® International.

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The Hard Bike is born, a BTT test to enjoy the Val d'Aran

t will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of June along three stages through roads, forests and mountains that will make lovers of this sport fall in love.

Mountain biking lovers have a new date in their calendar. From 22nd to 24th June the Hard Bike arrives in the Val d’Aran. This is the birth of a stage MTB race that will run through different mountain landscapes and Aranese forests in an unprecedented route in MTB races through high mountain environments and singletracks.
Three hard days that, as the slogan GO HARD OR GO HOME indicates, will make it an exhausting experience and at the same time wonderful. You can suffer from dizzying slopes, but also enjoy hidden paths to feel extreme happiness.

Adrià Puig, organizer of the race, explains that “from the organization of Hard Bike we considered what to do to offer the runner a tough test, which lasted in time and in turn, impact on the economy of the territory more evident.
The event will be held in the categories absolute male, master 30, master 40, veterans and absolute female.

In addition, Hard Bike wants to contribute its grain of sand to society. Since its first edition, Hard Bike has been doing social work, giving its support to entities with solidary aims. This first year, given that the corporate colour chosen is red, like that of blood, it has been decided to collaborate with the Fundación Lucha contra el Sida (Fight against AIDS Foundation).

The route

The first stage, on Saturday 22 June, will go from Salardú to Bossòst on a 75-kilometre route with 3,100 metres of positive gradient and several refreshment posts in Vielha (16km), Santet de Casau (30km), which will crown the hardest climb of the day, and Es Bòrdes (52km).

The second stage from Bossòst to Salardú will take place on Sunday 23 June. There will be 55 kilometres with 2,600 metres of positive slope that will start strong with the climb up to Arres, where the first refreshment (14km) will wait. The others will be in Mont (31km) and Vielha (45km).

Finally, on Monday 24th June, the third and last stage will take place with start and finish in Salardú. This is a 50 kilometre course with an accumulated drop of 2,000 metres and three outstanding climbs to Pruedo, Montromies and Banhs de Trèdos. The refreshment posts will be in Arties (19km) and Aiguamog (28km).


Those interested in participating in the event should know that they have different options: the Total Hardbike package for the three stages or the Hardbike Weekend for 22 and 23 June. Registrations are open until places are filled.


The participants of the Hard Bike can enjoy special prices in up to six lodgings of the Val d’Aran adhered to the test. All of them close to the stages where the event will take place, such as Salardú, Arties, Garòs and Bossòst.


Hard Bike wants to escape from the concept of bike marathon, considering it a singletrack marathon race, halfway between the marathon and the allmountain. For this reason the style of the test adds details of both disciplines bikers.
The maillot follows a design inspired by the figure of the woodcutter. Without a doubt, the jersey will characterize all hardbikers and will make riders notice it.

This event is organised by Pyrenees Attitude and has the support of the Conselh Generau d’Aran, the Ajuntament de Naut Aran, the Ajuntament de Bossòst and Torisme Val d’Aran.

All the information in https://hard-bike.com/

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First act of the Hèstes deth huec 2019

On the second weekend of May, in the towns of Les and Arties, the start of the Hèstes deth huec (Fiestas del Fuego), the Shasclada deth Haro and the Talhada deth Taro, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are held.

Shasclada deth Haro

The baishada deth tronc (descent of the trunk) will begin at mid-morning on Saturday the 11th. The men of the village descend from the forest the haro, a tree trunk of fir wood of 10 to 12 meters and they enter it in arms to the square of the locality, precisely baptized with the name of Plaça deth Haro. During the journey, some establishments offer the bearers a drink of sweet wine and pastries typical of Aran.at noon the haro will make his entrance for the Shasclada in the square of Les, where a popular meal will be held. The easels for the shasclada, which consists of peeling and opening the shasclada, with wedges nailed with a stroke of mallo so that it dries well and can be burned during the night of San Juan on 24 June, will be ready there. The party will end with a concert and dance in the square.

Talhada deth taro

On Sunday morning, the 12th, an expedition will leave Urtau de Arties square and go up to Ribera de Valarties. There the Talhada deth taro will take place, which consists of cutting a log and lowering it to the square to prepare it for burning during the night of San Juan. A popular meal will put an end to the festival.

Fishing season begins in Val d'Aran

On Sunday 24 March, the Governing Council of the Conselh Generau d’Aran kicked off the fishing season in the low mountain areas of the Val d’Aran for the period 2019. This includes the whole Garonne river from Baqueira to the border, the Aiguamòg Dam, the Bassa d’Oles and the rivers Nère, Casau, Varrados, Joèu, Sorieus, Margalida, Bausén, Toran and Carlac.

In the high mountain areas the season begins on the 1st of May and includes the rivers Ruda, Malo, Aiguamòg, Unhola, Valarties, Rencules, Bargadera, Noguera Ribagorzana and Noguera Pallaresa. And, as for the high mountain lakes, most of the lakes present in the Aran Valley, the season begins on 1 June.

In total the Val d’Aran offers 47 km stretches of fishing without death, 125 with death and 18 lake areas with more than 65 fishable lakes.

The license of recreational fishing Aranesa can be obtained in the Consèlh Generau d’Aran or in the web of the same Consèlh through the link http://licenciapesca.conselharan.org.

More information in the Val d’Aran Fishing Brochure 2019

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