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"Month of Caviar Nacarii", gastronomic experiences from 6 to 29 march

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Different restaurants in the Val d’Aran will offer dishes prepared with Caviar Nacarii de la Val d’Aran.

During the Month of Caviar, this gastronomic jewel of the Pyrenees will be incorporated into the tables of ten renowned Aranese restaurants. Casa Irene, Bòrda Lobató, Era Coquela, Lits Restaurant, Del Gel al Foc, Era Mòla, Es Arritzes, Ticolet y Er Occitan will share the limelight over three weeks, from 6th to 29th March..

During these gastronomic days, the main restaurants of the week will incorporate into their menus dishes made with caviar and sturgeon cooked in all its versions.

Actividades alternativas

Other activities will complement the gastronomic experiences. These include a visit to the Les factory to learn about the history and process of production, to taste caviar in the shop in the centre of Vielha or to immerse oneself in the waters of the Baronía de Les spa and learn about the treatments made with caviar from the Val d’Aran.

The month of caviar is organised by the Conselh Generau d’Aran and Torisme Val d’Aran with the collaboration of Caviar Nacarii and the Grèmi d’Ostalaria dera Val d’Aran


The Aranese caviar Nacarii, which has been recognised by chefs and gourmets for its authentic flavour, freshness, purity and transparency, is included in the Val d’Aran Guarantee Brand. Caviar Nacarii, which comes from the cold, pure and crystalline waters of the Garonne melt, is produced using traditional methods in the fish farm located in the municipality of Les.

Download here the leaflet of the “Mes deth Caviar Nacarii

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