Gastronomic experience: Okra Omakase from Max Levy in Eth Restilhé


From the hand of the masters Max Levy, chef of Okra Hong Kong and of the Aranese chef Carlos Sanllehy, this gastronomic experience will show the universality of a culinary technique and of products of great quality capable of fusing to take out the best of each culture. They will be joined by the exclusive list of Okra Sake chosen by Izaskun Escribano, who will elevate the experience by showing the world that this Japanese drink marries perfectly with the ingredients of our land.

The event will be held on February 2, 3, 4 and 9, 10, 11 with two shifts of 10 guests per night. There will be additional seats during Sunday lunch for up to 10 people. Reservations can be made through the following link.

Max Levy’s connection with the Val d’Aran begins in 2013, when he was guest chef at Era Mongetada. Since then he has become a fervent admirer of the valley and the local products of this land with which he has experimented with his own culinary technique that has given him a truly unique vision of sushi.

Located in Garòs (Naut Aran) and run by the Sanllehy Caubet family, Eth Restilé combines the best of Aranese culinary tradition with raw materials of the highest quality. Most of them are produced in our own factory, following the precepts of proximity, tradition, quality and modernity.

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Download here the leaflet  Okra Omakase from Max Levy in Val d’Aran.


Marxa Beret 2020, registrations continue at a good pace

Registration for the 41st Marxa Beret, to be held on 1 and 2 February at Baqueira Beret, continues apace. Those who register through the event’s official website before 15 January will benefit from significant discounts.

However, those who arrive late will still be able to do so online until 30 January, and in person on 1 February at the Salardú Welcome Centre. After the last snowfalls, the long-distance circuit where the 41st Marxa Beret will take place is in perfect condition.

The events

The Marxa Beret is one of the most consolidated Nordic ski races in Spain, with more than 1,000 participants from all over Europe every year. This popular march has become the Nordic ski festival.

Online registration is now officially open and must be done through the Marxa Beret website until 31 January. Face-to-face registration will take place at the Shelter House in Salardú on 1 February. It should be remembered that the registration fee will increase as the date of the event approaches.

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