Era Hèsta Vielha, Aranese capital's main festival

The main festival of the Aranese capital will take place from 7 to 11 September, although the town will begin to warm up two days before, with two days of sports in which various competitions will take place on 5 and 6.

On Saturday 7 a ginkama will officially open the festivities in a day with holi festival, parades and dinner Nèt de Penhes to close the day. The acts will continue during the following days with procession, dances, games and competitions, popular meals, shows and exhibitions, concerts… to end Wednesday night with the traditional fireworks display.


Download the Programa Era Hèsta Vielha 2019

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Romanic Musicau summer in the Val d'Aran

The formula that combines explanations of the Romanesque churches in the Val d’Aran with classical music concerts, the already consolidated Romanic Musicau, returns this summer of 2019 to bring tourists to the history of Aranese heritage and show the evolution of Valley monuments linked to their customs and traditions.

The activity begins with an audiovisual presentation about the church where it is celebrated, and ends with a concert of classical music. Sponsored by the Conselh Generau d’Aran and Foment de Torisme dera Val d’Aran, with the collaboration of the Arxiprestat dera Val d’Aran, this free cycle reinforces the program of guided tours to heritage that holds the Conselh Generau d’Aran.

Download here the Dyptich of the Romanic Musicau Summer 2019


"Er art der harga", exhibition in Sant Joan d'Arties

The Sant Joan de Arties exhibition hall hosts the exhibition “Er art der harga” (The art of forging), organised by the Private Foundation of the Val d’Aran Ethnological Museum in collaboration with the Val d’Aran Museums. The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 17:00 to 21:00h until 28 September.
The inauguration was attended by the Síndic d’Aran, Paco Boya, and the president of the Val d’Aran Ethnological Museum Foundation, Rosa Mari Salgueiro, who were accompanied by the councillor Angelina Casas and the mayor of Naut Aran, César Ruiz Canela, among others.
Most of the objects on display come from the small craft workshops in Aran. The exhibition contains 109 photographs showing his forge work, in elements such as balconies, grilles, doors, windows, doorknobs, knobs or keys. You can also see tools from the homes of the houses, irons, burners, blowers, three feet, or tools for field work such as pitchforks, pliers, mousetraps, and others to mark the animals.
Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.

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The autumn charm in the Val d’Aran


Tardor1webThe chromatic explosion that occurs in Aranese forests with the arrival of autumn gives us some of the most magnificent and idyllic landscapes that can be enjoyed in the Valley. The environment becomes reddish, scarlet, ochre and gold because of the abundant deciduous species such as beech and oak trees, while the peaks of the mountains begin to dye white with the first snows.

Clear and sunny days are especially nice to enjoy nature in the autumn light and the picturesque Aran villages and churches of Romanesque Route de l’Aran. For more chilly moments we suggest visit museums, go the shopping route from the Val d’Aran and, of course, taste the comforting native cuisine.

Aran Park

Tardor 3 webIt’s worth taking the opportunity to profit the last months of Aran Park, open until November. In this wildlife park you can observe the animals of the Pyrenees in their natural habitat and in semi freedom. Autumn is the rutting of deer, indicating the start of the breeding period. Males scratching and digging the ground, rubbed with trees and emit a short, hoarse cry and repetitive. Its horns reach the maximum size and some, such as chamois or roe deer, change the color of their coats.

Walks and mushrooms

It is also a good time for some walking or cycling excursions, too long for a hot summer day. You’ll find a wide variety of itineraries for all levels in our websites hiking and cycling. In addition, fans of mushrooms have a paradise in our forests, but you have to remember that you need the passport issued by the Conselh Generau free for residents, owners of second homes and people overnight in tourist establishments in the Val d ‘Aran and that has a term of four years.

Tardor2 webHorse outputs are also highly recommended. There are two beautiful equestrian routes with different difficulty levels that will delight lovers of racing: Vielha to Montgarri; and Renclusa Vielha to the slopes of Aneto.

And the adventure continues, as at this time you can still continue practicing climbing on the various climbing walls or three iron roads: Les, Unha and Cledes, the latest one opened last spring.

Festivals and traditions

Coinciding with the arrival of autumn, Val d’Aran celebrates a new edition of animals and trade fairs, during which you may know one of the Aran traditions such as the cattle industry, main sector some decades ago, and the various native breeds. They take place in Bossòst, Les, Salardú and Vielha and all kind of activities are organized: animal exhibitions, popular lunch and craft markets.

Shopping route

Equally entertaining are the major festivals that take place these months in various towns.If you visit them, take advantage to take the tour of the Val d’Aran shopping route, where you will find an attractive assortment of local products, either in the main areas of Vielha, Bossòst i Les, as in the irresistible and quaint shops of smaller towns.

Autumn’s gastronomy

Pintada Er Occitan WebAt this season we get good fresh new ingredients like mushrooms or beans, which are incorporated in the Aran restaurants menu. Foie gras, duck breast and confit, the typical Olha aranesa, boar civet and the bolhs and pates are just a small example of the cuisine that can be tasted at this time.

During the months of September and October mushroom enters its peak season, an increasingly present product in the recipes of local dishes of the Val d’Aran, accompanying newly introduced products such as sturgeon and caviar, or strengthening the special flavor and texture of game meat in dishes like Wild boar stew.

We cannot forget Era Mongetada, the great gastronomic and cultural festival that is celebrated in the towns of Bossòst and Garòs to worship to one of the main products of the Valley gastronomy.

and little by little the snow with its white mantle puts an end to the autumn to give way to the winter season: Baqueira in all its glory … but we’ll tell you this in another post!