Carnival in the Val d’Aran

From next Thursday and for more than a week, the Val d’Aran opens the ban on wildness with the popular festival of Carnival, Magràs.

All kinds of carnival events will take place in different locations, from the most traditional ones, such as those of Les and Canejan who remember ancestral customs, to the most innovative ones like Baqueira and Vielha, which include original activities.

In the Val d’Aran the Carnival is denominated Magràs, term Aranese that includes the totality of the party. In some towns of the valley also it receives other names like Barbacàs in Canejan or Titassi in Les. Dances of costumes, rúas, comparsas and parades take place in this pagan festival where reigns the audacity, the mockery and the satire

Barbacàs in Canejan, the most traditional carnival

Recovered in 2004, the festival of Barbacàs de Canejan, is the most traditional of them all. In the afternoon the young people of the town, dressed in fur suits, parade through the streets of Canejan holding torches to frighten the evil spirits. Emulating the Barbacans, dressed in animal skins and horns and calves tied at the waist that sounded as they passed through the streets.



In the origins of the Barbacàs, all the people participated in this parade, but especially the shepherds, disguised in furs and scandalizing with the calves as they passed through the streets. At present, in addition to the parade of torches, the festival includes the performance of the Corbilhuèrs de Les, after which the Magrás is burned. The evening ends with a dinner and a popular dance.

Titassi or days of juerga in Les

Historians say that the carnival festivities in Les, called Titassi, began with the Candelera. From that day and until the end of the carnival the young people of the town went out in the evening to walk the streets making a big fun and entering the houses to get some food with which they later celebrated a dinner. At the end of the festivities they had managed to assault all the houses of the town without being recognized since they had their faces covered.

A popular dinner and a masked ball in the Multipurpose Hall of Les next Saturday 22 will remember this old custom.

Baqueira,disguising in the snow

The ski resort of Baqueira Beret has also adapted its special idiosyncrasy to this celebration, and its Ski-Rally Photographic disguises that will take part on Saturday the 22th is already mythical. Participants should take a picture disguised in each of the beacons of Carnival distributed in different corners of the station and that must locate through the instructions provided by Radio Aran. A fun day that ends with a party in Baqueira Bar 1500 with music, cava, chocolate and coca.

And also in Vielha is prepared a Hèsta de Magràs will be held on Saturday the 22th in the  Palai d’Esports.

Source: Grup d’arxivers de Lleida


Theatrical visits in Joanchiquet ecomuseum


The Joanchiquet de Vilamòs ecomuseum has launched this year a program of theatrical visits that will take place on 26 July, 9 and 23 August and 6 September with two daily sessions.

At 13 o’clock, “Joanchiquet, tanto gusto!”, Culinary thematic, ends with a tasting of Aranese pot on the part of the assistants, product offered by the Marca de Garantía, in collaboration with Torisme de Val d’Aran. The second session, at 18 hours, is titled “Vajilla de plata, cencerro de vaca“, and consists of a walk through the lively house with the stories of the Rufina.

Rufina Monge, the protagonist, is a real inhabitant of the house between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Through its interpretation, the visitor will be able to see first hand the traditional Aranese heritage, the customs of the time and the stories that hide this interesting building.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the reception of the Museum of the Val d’Aran and the same day at the Ecomuseum of Joanchiquet de Vilamòs and are priced at € 5.

Marxa Beret 2017, esquí de fondo popular y competitivo en la Val d’Aran

El fin de semana del 4 y 5 de febrero la estación de esquí de la Val d’Aran, Baqueira Beret, acogerá la 38ª edición de la Marxa Beret. La popular carrera de esquí de fondo es la más multitudinaria de nuestro país.

Marxa BeretLa Marxa Beret reúne ya a más de 1.000 participantes en cada edición. Esta prueba forma parte del Circuito de Carreras Populares  de la Federación Internacional de Esquí (FIS) y de la Copa de España Real Federación Española Deportes de Invierno (RFEDI).

 Organizada por el Conselh Generau d’Aran, Baqueira Beret y el ayuntamiento de Naut Aran, la Marxa Beret se disputa en el Pla de Beret, en las distancias de 10, 21 y 42 kilómetros. La prueba sigue en el calendario del Circuito de Carreras Populares de esquí de fondo (categoría ML) de la FIS. Además, por primera vez ha entrado a formar parte de la Copa España del calendario de la Real Federación Española Deportes de Invierno (RFEDI).

Cuenta además con la colaboración de la Associacion Volentaris Val d’Aran, Foment Torisme Val d’Aran, Diputació de Lleida, Ayuntamiento de Vielha e Mijaran, Pompièrs d’Aran, Aran Salut, Mossos d’Esquadra, INS d’Aran, además de la RFEDI, la Federació Catalana d’Esports d’Hivern (FCEH) y los distintos patrocinadores.

Programa de la Marxa Beret

Sábado 4:

9:30 – Apertura de la “Casa de Acogida” de Salardú

16:00 – Exibición «Sprint Salomon» en Arties

19:00 – Reparto de premios

19:30 – Presentación de la 38ª Marxa Beret en Salardú

20:30 – Cierre de inscripciones

Domingo, 5 de febrero

10:00 – Salida 38ª Marxa Beret

13:30 – Reparto de premios

14:00 – Ceremonia de Clausura

14:30 – Cierre del circuito

Este año, las inscripciones de la Marxa Beret únicamente pueden formalizarse a través de la web o durante los días de la prueba en la Casa de Acogida. Los que se inscriban antes del 31 de enero participarán en el sorteo de dos esquíes Salomon.

Internacional y familiar

La pasada edición de la Marxa Beret congregó alrededor de 1200 fondistas, casi la mitad de los cuales procedentes de países nórdicos, Alemania, Austria, Holanda o Italia. Este impulso internacional permitió consolidar el evento entre deportistas de alto nivel pero también entre familias que ya esperan esta fiesta del esquí de fondo.

Más información en la Web de la Marxa Beret

Vivons 100% Sport: Val d’Aran and Baqueira Beret in Bordeaux

Novelties and snow and ski proposals for the saason 2016-2017 in the fair  Vivons 100% Sport (Bordeaux)

Vivons 100% Sport

As a part of the international promotion strategy, from 9 to 13 November the Val d’Aran and Baqueira Beret will present their ski and snow sports proposals for the 2016-2017 season at the fair Vivons 100% Sport, held annually at the Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux. This event, unique in France, is intended to discover all kinds of sports disciplines and practices, with five days of demonstrations, animations and competitions.

The Aranese stand will be located in the Espace 100% neige (Hall 1 – Allée A – 30 travée – Stand 3012), with the main operators of winter tourism in the Pyrenean area. French winter sports fans are invited to meet the different proposals to make their future getaway in the Val d’Aran, an unforgettable experience. They may also know all the snow activities of the Baqueira Beret ski resort and to have information about winter accommodation and equipment.

First level sports pre-season in the Val d'Aran



Welcome to ICL Manresa on 25 August.

Top teams of the Endesa / ACB Basketball League and the LNFS have chosen the Val d’Aran as a location for their training camp and the first friendly matches.

Facilities of the Palai Vielha d’Esports host since last August 23 these athletes who find in the valley an ideal environment for its landscape features and the high quality of its infrastructure and sports services, certified by the Catalan Tourism as Sports Tourism Destination (DTE).

This certification is a guarantee for high competition athletes, tourists who focus their holidays on sports, tourists who practice any sport at their leisure, or just people who loves great sporting events.

Era Roda Non Stop, the Val d'Aran from the biker perspective


On Saturday July 23 takes place the second edition of this test, that passes entirely by the Val d’Aran.

Era Roda Non Stop webEra Roda Non Stop offers an excellent opportunity to meet an environment of spectacular landscapes, lush forests, rivers and waterfalls, from the biker perspective. Era Roda Non Stop is 140 km of pure mountain bike and a positive vertical slope of 5200m, one of the hardest Btt races of the Pyrenees.

Several new features have been added this year to the circular itinerary which starts in Salardú and passes through the picturesque villages of Bagergue, Vilamós, Bossòst, Es Bordes, Vielha Arties, with stunning views from the Pla de Beret or the Coth de Varradòs, very fast sections and many of trials.

Participants can choose one of two categories, individual open, with 100% of the route covered by a single corridor, and the race for teams of two riders, where each one must cover 70 of the 140 km.


Torisme de la Val d’Aran welcome all participants and wish you good luck!

The Tour de France in Aranese land


The third most important sporting event in the world committed to the Val d’Aran at its 9th stage, with a very mountainous route of spectacular natural environment and great tourist attraction.

Esquiador de Baqueiraweb

The Val d’Aran is about to offer a reception worthy of one of the most important sporting events in the world to the caravan of the Tour de France, which is already on his way to Aran lands. Host city of the event for the first time in its history, Vielha will be the starting point of the ninth stage of the cycling competition next July 10, an itinerary of 184.5 km that will cross five mountain passes to finish in Arcalis (Andorra).

Characterized by choosing emblematic places of scenic beauty, the Tour de France has chosen this beautiful stage for its spectacular natural setting, great attractions, and for being very mountainous, making it particularly attractive for cyclists. Not surprisingly, the ninth stage, with more than 100 km by the Catalan Pyrenees, is one of those chosen to be broadcasted live on television entirely.

From Vielha to Bonaigua


The parking of the former military barracks in the Aranese capital will host the kick-off of the stage at 10am on Sunday July 10. The route through the Aranese territory is about 20 kilometres from the county road C28 from Vielha to Port de la Bonaigua, stretch of about one hour.

In the Val d’Aran, the Tour will pass through the picturesque villages of Betren, Escunhau, and Casarilh, pedaling to the right of the Garonne and crossing it up to Garòs where it will leave Mijaran to follow, yet in Naut Aran, on the left bank of the river across Arties, Gessa, Salardu, Tredòs, and Baqueira.

From the ski resort will arrive at Port de la Bonaigua, where runners will face a first class climb, 13.7 km to 6.1%, leaving the Val d’Aran to enter the Pallars Sobirà and follow the Alt Urgell on the road to Andorra, the end of the stage.

Animation in the village

Fotocall monolitoweb

An animated village will be installed next to the starting line to receive and entertain fans, tourists and accredited media. There may be photographed next to the photocall of the Tour, enjoy animations with children dressed in costumes and browse in the exhibition of products and typical dishes of the Aranese cuisine. In addition, it will be a tourist information point of the Conselh Generau d’Aran.

It will also be used to publicize the unique environment of the Val d’Aran: the beauty of its landscape, the excellence of Baqueira Beret ski resort, the richness of its Romanesque heritage, the museum diversity, the delicacies of its cuisine, the fun adventure activities and the attractive proposals offered by the valley throughout the year.

The Tour de France, the third largest sporting event in the world – with 2000 accredited journalists from 600 different media and belonging to 190 countries- marks the international projection of the Val d’Aran and helps to make it becoming one of the best European tourist mountain destinations, both in winter and summer.

Culmination of an attractive program of events


The Val d’Aran has turned into the celebration of this event, in recent months organizing events of various kinds, from the popular “La Fête du Tour” to the tribute to seven Spanish winners of the race, with the placement of a commemorative monolith in the Port of Portilhon, which has already become a referent place for cycling fans. Across the valley are deployed posters and banners announcing the stage, which was presented in Toulouse, Vielha and Barcelona.

The Aranese citizens have actively participated in the event, placing reproductions of the monolith in establishments participating children in a school drawing contest and even with original initiatives as a cake shaped bicycle exposed in a pastry in Vielha. In addition, it has been activated the microsite Aran Total Bike where can be found all the information necessary for the practice of cycling in the valley.

Deploying of services


Given that attendance of 25,000 spectators along the stage is planned, the law enforcement will mobilize about 700 agents. In addition, the Conselh Generau has released a document with traffic cuts on Sunday in the C28 and the internal public transportation between Vielha and Baqueira will also suffer restrictions on Sunday morning.

On the other hand, there have been enabled four zones of temporary parking in Vielha for this weekend available from Saturday 9, the old football field, college Garonne, field Mijaran next to the church (N-230) and Gravera Barba (C-28, between Betren and Escunhau).

5 ideas para divertirte el puente de San Juan en la Val d’Aran

1.Conoce nuestras tradiciones: las Fiestas del Fuego

E_19770bDeclaradas por la Unesco Patrimonio Inmaterial de la Humanidad junto a las demás Fallas del Pirineo, las Hèstes deth huec de Les y Arties se han conservado hasta la actualidad y constituyen uno de los principales reclamos turísticos de ambas localidades aranesas.

Se celebran la noche de San Juan, el 23 de junio, coincidiendo con el solsticio de verano, y marcan el inicio de la temporada estival. Durante la velada se quema un tronco, el Haro en Les y el Taro en Arties, en un concurrido ritual acompañado de música y danzas tradicionales donde participa todo el pueblo.

2. Da la bienvenida a los nuevos ositos de Aran Park

Acércate a saludar a los cachorros de la osa Luna que han nacido este invierno en Aran Park, el Parque de Fauna salvaje de la Val d’Aran y paséate entre lobos, ciervos, linces, marmotas y otros animales autóctonos. A lo largo de un recorrido de dos horas podrás observar catorce especies diferentes de mamíferos y aves en semi libertad y finalizar con un picnic en el área habilitada junto al snack-bar.

3. Paséate por los pueblos araneses

Visita la recién acreditada vil·la florida de Bagergue y los demás pueblos de la Val d’Aran. Piérdete por sus pequeñas calles, entra en sus edificios románicos, degusta sus productos y platos típicos y disfruta de la amabilidad de sus gentes. De norte a sur, de este a oeste, todas y cada una de las localidades aranesas están impregnadas del sabor 130-VA-BAGERGUE (1)de la historia y de un personal estilo alpino que los hace inconfundibles.

4. Pedalea entre la naturaleza

Descubrir la naturaleza en bicicleta es una de las experiencias más intensas que puedes disfrutar en la Val d’Aran. Dispones de todo tipo de rutas señalizadas tanto en btt cómo por carretera, paseos tranquilos junto al río enlazando pueblos o bajadas técnicas por frondosos bosques. ¡Entra en Aran Total Bike y encuentra tu itinerario!

5. Practica el Senderismo en familia

Te proponemos 10 rutas de senderismo muy amenas para realizar con tu familia por la orilla de lagos y ríos, atravesando caminos de mineros y contrabandistas o descubriendo santuarios escondidos. De baja dificultad y cortas distancias os permitirán disfrutar de los más bonitos paisajes con toda tranquilidad y la mejor compañía.

Encuentra más propuestas en

Have fun this weekend in the Val d’Aran


Another weekend to full with activity with all the actions that we purpose you and that will make your stage in the Val d’Aran a culturally rich, healthy, funny and restorative experience.


La Fête du Tour

empresasWe start with the popular riding, “La fête du Tour”, which will take place on Sunday the 5th. It consists on a biking tour Vielha- Portilhon-Vielha in which can participate cyclists of all levels and that will finish with a tour around the streets of Vielha. The act is part of the activities organized by the Consèlh Generau d’Aran to mark the passage of the Tour de France 2016 by Aran lands.

Salidas de marcha nórdica

If you are fond of this sport, you can sign up for the free-guided outings that take place every Saturday in June. The call is at 10 am in the church square of Vielha. In addition, this Friday at 18:30 you can attend the introductory course in the Casau Sant Miquèu.

Aquatic activities

Any of the Val d’Aran water adventures is a unique experience in contact with nature, where you can appreciate the strength and bravery of the Garonne and breath-taking sceneries along the entire route.


Nature week

The Val d’Aran has joined the “Setmana de la Natura” a campaign to promote throughout Catalonia activities to raise awareness of the importance of protecting nature and territory. Within the project the exhibition “Libélulas en la Val d’Aran” is framed with 53 photographs of the 33 species of dragonflies that live in the Valley, an initiative in memoriam of the photographer Toni Estany, author of the snapshots.

Photography in relief

Fotocall monolitoFor photo enthusiasts also recommended this photographic exhibit in relief “La fotografia esteroscòpica a les comarques de Lleida 1895-1960”, in the temporary exhibitions space of Sant Joan d’Arties church.


Musical manía

The school Tschaikovsky de Balh e Musica de Vielha presents in the hall Era Audiovisuau the show “Musical manía”, with performances of the musicals Mamma mia, Grease, Cats, The phantom of the opera and other more. A good alternative for Saturday afternoon.

Touristic visits

Tour Monolithe

The monolith in tribute to the Spanish winners of the Tour de France and has become a must-see place for cycling enthusiasts and also for those who want to enjoy the best views of the valley from the port of Portilhon. A unique opportunity to be photographed with this newly opened monument and immortalise the sporting event of the summer. And if you will pass by the tourist offices of the Val d’Aran in Aran Park, Salardu, Bossòst, Les and Vielha you can also take a selfie souvenir with the Photocall of the Tour!



Do you want some more? In this link you will find more propositions. Enjoy it!

Final de la Copa del Mundo SBX en la Val d’Aran, ¡comienza el espectáculo!


Componentes del equipo de la RFEDI

Esta mañana tienen lugar en Baqueira Beret los entrenamientos previos a la Final de la Copa del Mundo SBX que se celebra este fin de semana en la Val d’Aran. Los primeros corredores llegados a la estación aranesa estuvieron ayer conociendo las instalaciones, entre ellos los riders del equipo de la Real Federación Española de Deportes de Invierno (RFEDI) con el favorito, Lucas Eguibar, ganador de la temporada 2014-2015.

Durante esta semana el equipo técnico de la Federación Internacional de Esquí (FIS) junto con el personal de la estación, han estado trabajando en el espectacular trazado que acogerá el evento, localizado en la pista Boardercross, estrenada este invierno en la zona del Blanhiblar en el área de Beret. Desde la FIS se ha destacado la excelente calidad de la nieve en Baqueira, comparable a la de las mejores estaciones del mundo, y en especial la gran cantidad de nieve natural, que aporta firmeza al terreno habiéndose logrado un circuito de primera categoría.

Por su espectacularidad, la Copa del Mundo de Snowboard Cross FIS 2016 es uno de los acontecimientos más esperados por los amantes del deporte de invierno. Todos ellos, podrán seguir las finales el domingo, retransmitidas desde Baqueira por Eurosport y Teledeporte a partir de las 12.30h. Para el vicesíndic de Aran y conselhèr de Deportes, Luis Carlos Medina, “la final de este campeonato es una gran oportunidad para dar a conocer al mundo Baqueira Beret y toda la Val d’Aran”.

Autobuses hasta Beret

Para facilitar los desplazamientos a las pistas, la organización del Campeonato ha puesto en funcionamiento un servicio de autobuses hasta el Pla de Beret los días 19 y 20 de marzo. El servicio tiene conexión en Baqueira con las rutas del transporte interno de la Val d’Aran.


El espectacular trazado que acogerá el evento, localizado en la pista Boardercross.


Sábado, 19 de marzo

Baqueira – Beret 8:30 horas

Baqueira – Beret 9:30 horas

Beret – Baqueira 15:00 horas

Domingo, 20 de marzo

Baqueira – Beret 10:30 horas

Baqueira – Beret 11:30 horas

Beret – Baqueira 15:00 horas

Animación en el village

Diversas actividades lúdicas, culturales y gastronómicas, acompañarán a la competición durante todo el fin de semana para disfrutar de una auténtica fiesta. El village instalado a pie de pistas ofrecerá animaciones, degustaciones de productos de la marca de garantía Val d’Aran y los platos típicos de la cocina aranesa. También se aprovechará para dar a conocer el inigualable entorno que rodea la estación: la belleza del paisaje, la riqueza del patrimonio románico y las exquisiteces de su gastronomía, así como las múltiples y atractivas opciones para el après-ski.

Asimismo, coincidiendo con la final de la Copa del Mundo de snowboard el sábado tendrá lugar una nueva edición de Era Olhada en la borda Lobató de Baqueira, en la que los mejores cocineros del valle elaborarán su propia versión del plato más tradicional, la olha aranesa. Por otro lado, desde el 14 al 20 de marzo tiene lugar en el valle la Semana del Caviar para degustar esta joya de la gastronomía aranesa con los menús que ofrecen ocho de los mejores restaurantes de la comarca.

Poster.SBX-WC-Baqueira_mainY para poner punto final al acontecimiento, el domingo a partir de las 14:30 en el Village se celebrará la fiesta de clausura con un DJ invitado y ¡otras muchas sorpresas!


Viernes 18 de marzo

Mañana: Entrenamiento en el trazado

Sábado 19 de marzo

9.30 a 14.40 mangas de reconocimiento y 2 mangas clasificatorias para las finales del domingo

Village Meta: abierto durante el mismo horario de carrera

Domingo 20 de marzo

10.45 a 12.25 reconocimiento y entrenamiento

12.45 a 14.05 Mangas eliminatorias y finales

Village meta: abierto durante el mismo horario de carrera

14.30 a 17 h Fiesta de Clausura en el Village Meta.